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Frank works closely with trusted agents in all states and territories



The world seems to be turning into a more dangerous place. This means trusting people blindly is getting harder to do.

Frank Carbone has over 40 years experience dealing with fraud and similar crimes of deception. He conducts inquiries on behalf of both victims and defendants and provides comprehensive investigations in criminal cases. 


On behalf of the defence, Frank investigated the following cases:

  • The NCA Bombing

  • The Family Murders

  • Bodies in the Barrel Murders, among many others.

Frank has extensive experience in dealing with fraud and similar crimes of deception. However, his investigative expertise is not limited to criminal investigation, it also includes financial crime – he has conducted inquiries on behalf of both victims and defendants in a range of areas within criminal law.

If you are a victim of fraud or some other form of crime, you may find the police unresponsive to your claims. In the case that the police lack the resources or the motivation to tackle a crime based on their claim that your case is a ‘civil matter’ – even if it clearly involves a criminal element – Frank can provide you with advice about whether or not there is another way to go about solving your problem. In many circumstances, there will be a case of civil action available to you, even if the police will not prosecute the crime. If, in the course of our investigation, evidence is gathered that would assist the police, then our report can be provided to the authorities to encourage them to speed up their inquiry.

If you have been accused of a crime, then you need to explore every available avenue to ensure the prosecution’s job is made as difficult as possible. Your lawyer can advise you regarding the legal issues that surround your matter, but, ultimately, your case will be decided based on the available evidence. Investigators are experts at gathering evidence otherwise left unfound, there may be evidence which exonerates you or raises a reasonable doubt that has not yet been uncovered. We have experts in the areas of computer forensics, handwriting and signature analysis and factual investigations who can assist us in your inquiries. In addition to my in-house team, we also have a bevy of contacts that include investigators and lawyers who have an intimate understanding of the workings of the criminal system.

Speak to Frank now for a cost-free discussion and let him examine whether there is evidence that will resolve your matter just waiting to be uncovered.


Frank is not a lawyer, but he has been in the investigation and debt recovery business for 40 years. During this time he formed extremely trusting relationships with various lawyers across Australia. 

Whether you have a civil, family, or criminal law matter, Frank can assist you in instructing a suited lawyer. In some cases, he can convince a lawyer to represent you pro bono or on speck. 

Email Frank an overview of your problem along with any supporting documents. He will read them through and then he will contact you to discuss further.

The first 30 minutes, is at no cost to you!

Steps we take:

  • Go about resolving your matter or what course of action you may need to take.

  • Carry out any necessary investigations and put together a brief. A lawyer can be instructed and you can commence legal action.

  • If you simply have no case, Frank will tell you!

  • If you wish to represent yourself, Frank can even attend court with you for support and guidance.


Frank Carbone has full knowledge of the laws such as:

  • Conversation intercepts and recordings

  • The importance of discretion, confidentiality

  • Providing you with an undertaking to protect your rights and your confidentiality.

We provide a complete security assessment and the knowledge to protect your rights and confidentiality.

Frank has the latest technology available with fully trained in-house staff to conduct Technical Surveillance Counter sweeps within your premises. External meetings or events may take place here. Frank and his trusted agents can attend anywhere in Australia at immediate notice.

A single electronic listening device strategically placed in your home, vehicle, hotel room, company boardroom, meeting rooms or offices, could jeopardize your future. This can divulge your are most confidential information.

Frank with his team of trained specialist operators can conduct Surveillance Counter Sweeps for a wide range of clients. Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic counter measures equipment to detect all forms of transmitters, and bugging devices, we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to offer.


Where the use of electronic equipment is on the rise, there is always possibility your premises could have been bugged.

Frank specializes in investigating corporate espionage. If bugs have been found at your premises, he can instigate measures preventing corporate espionage from all possible sectors within your business.

Further, he will look at how your business can pro-actively deter espionage attempts, by:

  • Installing clear policies and procedures

  • Educate employees to detect potential problems and install a reporting procedure

  • Conduct background investigations on all new staff members or associates

  •  Analyse technical and procedural information security measures and identify any potential weak spots

  • Review physical security

  • Review internal and external audit procedures and provide a full report on possible weaknesses in your proprietary business information.


If you suspect that a perpetrator has accessed your sensitive information, Frank can assist you. This is done by establishing who, what, when, where, why and how. Once the facts are established, he will assist you to bring the perpetrator to justice and instigate measures  retrieving proprietary information that is rightfully yours.


  • Are you intimidated by your ex-husband or partner?

  • Do you not have the money to fight for what is rightfully yours?

  • Does the whole process of going through family law court stress you out?


If so, then please do not hesitate to email me or call me.
I am not a lawyer, but as my profile shows I have been in the investigations and debt recovery business for 40 years.
I know lawyers I trust when it comes to family law matters across Australia. If needed we can instruct and will assist you.
In some cases I may be able to convince a lawyer to represent you pro bono or on speck.


  • Simply email me an overview of your problem. I will read it and call you to discuss it.

  • I will then suggest how you should resolve it or what course of action you may need to take.

  • If you agree then you engage my services.

  • I will investigate and put together your brief. You can commence action yourself or so we can instruct a lawyer.

  • If you have no claim then I will tell you.

  • If you are representing yourself, I can attend court with you. You must understand you are self-representing and I am just there for support and guidance.



ILR Services is a team of dedicated investigators who will provide you with a comprehensive investigation service covering a broad range of matters.

ILR Services specialize in the provision of a total service in the areas of fraud and factual investigation as well as surveillance and undercover operations, just to name a few. All services are completely individually tailored to meet every clients unique and individual needs.

ILR Services works hand-in-hand with DebtPayable to provide a comprehensive low-cost debt collection service for the collection of debt and the recovery of encumbered or secured items.

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