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Frank Carbone obtained his Investigation and Debt Collection Licenses over 40 years ago.

Frank is a Criminal Defence Investigations specialist. In addition, he oversees and provides his expertise and experience to both ILR Services and DebtPayable.


Skills of Frank Carbone

Thriving on challenges, Frank and his team can adapt to changing circumstances, goals, and objectives. 

In addition to his Private Investigator skills, Frank has extensive experience in all areas of Debt Collection and Asset Recovery.

Frank has also written and signed off on training and procedure manuals for Investigation, Collections, Repossessions, Field Calls and Skip Tracing.

Frank’s reputation is enhanced. A great deal of his audience came verbally.

Frank is focusing on satisfying customers’ needs through the following:

  • Continuous process improvement

  • Advancements in technology



Frank believes in promoting honesty, integrity, and professionalism in the workplace. He has excellent planning and organisational skills with an eye for detail. 

In 1991 Frank orchestrated the commando style bulldozing of the old House of Chow building, on Hutt Street, Adelaide SA.

Current Projects

Frank is currently developing software for his new company, Vestigate. This online, real-time reporting business will be the gateway to information and allow anyone in Australia to locate people and property. Therefore, someone being able to run and hide will become a thing of the past. The ability to locate stolen or encumbered vehicles or property will significantly improve utilising Vestigate as a locate tool.

Investigation Cases

As a criminal defence investigator, Frank was involved in the investigation in some of the most complex criminal cases in South Australia.


Subsequently, he was involved in the following cases:

  • The Family Murders.

  • The murder of Louise Bell.

  • Snowtown Murders.

More recently, he was advised to verify evidence of a potential witness related to the missing Beaumont children.

Finally, the most challenging case of Frank's career is the 1994 NCA Bombing, which is still before the courts today.


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